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XY-> In re problem of reverse quotes in Quark:

XY-> Our production department uses the Macintosh character set, and that's wher
 -> the problem creeps in. If we leave the "s as they are, they click on smart
 -> quotes, and then the problem creeps in. If, however, you simply use the Ma
 -> character set, use ASCII 210 open smart quote; 211 close smart quote; 212
 -> open single smart quote; 212 close single smart quote.

Hi, Leslie,

Do you translate the other upper ASCII Mac/Win conflicts as well?

XY-> As Annie sez, the problem stems from stuff that comes in all "tarted up."
 -> My advice is always Keep it Simple Stupid. Good old courier 12
 -> doublespaced, no headers and footers except for the page numbers. We'll
 -> handle the rest.

Hey! I thought my advice was keeping it as simple as possible
too! Not even bothering about quotes, character sets, fonts,
whatever. My own preference is to import anything to Quark in its
own xtag format.


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