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Re: xyW+win2k

	anyone know how to run XyWrite in Windows 2000?
			--Tom Robertson

When win2k was new, Paul Andrews wrote a Seattle
Times column about it that discussed dosNotaBene
(by implication, xyWrite) and Magellan issues. The
"xyW+Windows" link at the top of my site's xyW index
page http://www.escape.com/~yesss/_xypro.html
takes you to the entire dosNB section of the column,
extracted when I suspected the column might vanish
from the ST www archive. The quote still is linked to
the full column, but don't be surprised if it's 404.

That column contained a pledge of allegiance to dos
that I liked so much I put it on my site's front page,
but something Nathan posted to the NB list the other
day now is placed more prominently: "XyWrite is
already hopelessly out of date. That is why we use
it in preference to everything else." ... Ciao. 	--a

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