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RE: starting XyWin in minimal mode

On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, Bill Troop wrote:

> I always wanted to work with XyWin, but it just
> seemed impossible over the years. I need to
> work with a lot of fonts -- I'm a typeface designer
> among other things. I always hoped someone
> would fix all the rough spots -- isn't that what
> NB for Windows is supposed to be trying to do?
> And I agree that the default draft mode fonts
> in XyWin are unnecessarily dreadful. It was OK
> for what it was -- a version 1.0 program. But
> we need version 3 by now at least, no?

Many thanks to the several folks who suggested my newly-discovered XyWin
problem might be excess fonts. I suspect that's exactly the system
change I was looking for that caused XyWin's inability to load. I
finally exceeded XyWin's tolerance with cumulative software

For what it's worth, NBWin swallows my ridiculous font-overload without
a murmur, and I think I'll stop tinkering with its ancestor. For
situations that demand a true Windows wp (rather than a lean DOS
streaker), it may be what you're looking for.


Dorothy Day
School of Library & Information Science
Indiana University

	"He also surfs who only sits and waits."