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Re: 250 gig hard drive and fat 32 and ntfs

** Reply to message from "Avrom Fischer"  on Sat, 24 Dec 2005
04:51:36 -0500

> Wen I reached the stage where it asked me to choose what format, the only
> choice was "ntfs file system ( quick )" or "ntfs file suste" .

What is that second choice above? The best approach is to format your
BootDrive as FAT32 with Partition Magic, then the installation routine will (or
should) give you the option to skip formatting. I would format the other
drives under WinXP once you have it running, using the DOS FORMAT command, so
that you get the latest versions of the file systems (somebody pointed out
recently, and it's true, that M$ keeps changing the specs of the file systems).
But set up the *sizes* of the various logical partitions with PM8 before you
put XP on the computer. In other words, allocate the space on the entire disk
to consecutive logical drives.

Robert Holmgren