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Re: F5--and everything went black...

At 10:44 PM 6/28/2007,

> Running Process Explorer I can find no instance of TAME after
> quitting XY and running NB.
Robert Holmgren wrote: You never will see it, either. Not as a process. It's a TSR,
running *within* the process, but not itself the target of the
process. Open Process Explorer, View ==> checkmark "Show Lower
Pane". In View ==> Lower Pane View, checkmark "DLLs". Then
highlight your main app (XyWrite, whatever) in it's instance of
NTVDM.EXE. Scroll down in the lower pane and look for
TameVdd.dll. Find it? Tame is running.
I enabled the lower pane when I installed Process Server. I get a
TAME DLL and a TAME handle: TameVdd.Dll and
TameDos$Pid_3136@VddData. Also I notice that NB leaves its ntvdm
running after you quit the program, but XY does not.
Michael Norman