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Re: 98 again

A cautionary tale: I upgraded to Win98 from Win95, liked many of the changes
brought by the upgrade but found over time that it in fact had destabilized
my system. This had neither more nor less effect related to XyWrite than any
other installed programs, though Win98 seemed (for me) a bit less tolerant of
any of the old 16-bit programs than Win95.

That computer is completely useless at the moment (I expect to be able to
recover all data, as the hard disk did not crash). The present problem may
or may not be related to the flaky OS, but I have learned that most people
consider it good advice NOT to upgrade from Win95 to Win98 using the upgrade
provided by Microsoft. Instead, do a "clean install" of Win98. Fred Langa and
others provide advice about this online. You just have to look for it.

I'm considering something besides Microsoft for my next OS. I've had far too
many problems with their "upgrades," not the least of which is the phenomenal


≪ Disregarding the multitasking aspect of things for the moment, the DOS
 environment under Win95 and Win98 is very similar, and XyWrite for DOS
 should run fine under both (it certainly did and does on a number of
 machines in this household). If you upgrade to 98 over your existing
 Win95 installation, your DOS settings should migrate without requiring
 much tweaking.

 Wolfgang Bechstein ≫