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Re: getting past login

Reply to note from Harry Binswanger  Tue, 15 Mar
2011 08:06:39 -0700

> Very interesting. The essence is: "the LOGIN (a/k/a LOGON)
> command *RUNs* the .LOG file exactly as if it were an XPL
> program launched with the RUN command."

The piece missing from this summary is that the .LOG file, named
USERNAME.LOG, must exist in Editor's directory for the command
LOGIN USERNAME (or LOGON USERNAME) to work. (Substitute actual
username for USERNAME, of course.) In terms of content, the .LOG
file should be an XPL program that does nothing: an empty file, a
lone func NO or  (not , which will abort STARTUP.INT!), or
some other harmless command. Unless, that is, you want the .LOG file
to do something: In a multi-user setting, you'd use it to run
commands (to load KBD and other customization files, etc.) specific
to each user on the system.

Carl Distefano