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Re: using xywrite to write programmed learning modules


So grateful for this email list; hope I'm accessing it properly.

I need to create a number of computer-aided learning modules.

They will eventually be fancy with graphics and sound and end up on DVD's, etc., etc....

But for now - some of this material I need to get into the hands of the staff ASAP!!!! - it seemed
to me that writing up text-only programmed learning modules, using XPL in xywrite to program in the
branches and loops for quizzing and the certifying exam at the end, would be a fast and efficient
way to do it.

I have to clear out all the cobwebs in my memory and remember how to program in XPL, but I did do
some very complex stuff with it fifteen years ago, so it can be done....

Just checking: should I use version 3 in DOS under XP, or version 4, or go for one of the windows
compatible versions or even repurchase (3rd time?) Nota Bene? And which was the first version which
could call to the screen different text files?

I can have staff run the modules under DOS, so it doesn't have to be windows-based.

Or is there an entirely different program that would be even easier and quicker to use than
XPL/xywrite, keeping in mind I do want flexibility in looping back from quiz questions, etc.

Best Regards, Charles