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Using Xywrite in Windows

I don't know if anyone here has encountered this problem but, in desperation, I
thought I'd see ...

For reasons Xywrite aficionados will appreciate, I continue to use Xywrite 3.54
even though I have migrated to Windows applications for just about everything
else, (including word processing when there's a premium on doing fancy

Because I often like to go to Xywrite while I'm in Windows, I've set up Xywrite
the best I can figure out to work as a non-Windows application.

However, about one out of every 10 or 15 times, when I exit Xywrite and go back
to Program Manager, I find that all the labels below the program groups have
disappeared, or are gibberish.

Is there anyone who can tell me what to look for in terms of a fix, and do it
in layman's language.

Much thanks in advance.