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From Morris,
                    I am aware that Callnext is Robert's baby. I feel that he could add a useful feature that will bypass all files that have com, exe, and doc extensions. The latter I only use if I compiled a file in Microsoft word, otherwise I use the txt extension in XyWrite. To Callnext, I  added the function XP so that a XyWrite program will open in the expanded view.
    Before becoming aware of U2, I wrote a simple program that will also enable me to move from one file to another, but my program needed some tinkering on my part that modified the files on the directory. Callnext avoids this from what I can make out by using the VA Settings of VA $DP, DT and possibly also DR as well. 
   I wonder if Carl, ould  show what lines of code are necessary to bypass the doc and exe extension files.
         Often e-mail messages which I feel are necessary to save, when opening them, have returns in middle of sentences that makes it more difficult to read, and which also uses more disk space. Is there a U2 routine that deals with this annoyance and HTML files that need modifying. Now I am using a few simple macros to edit these e-mails with some manual help. I also use the search replace command CI to alter returns that have colon attached such at the end of a sentence or paragraph and then I find it is easier to deal with those returns attached to a word , most often not at the end of a line and which should not be there.
        I am also pleased to announce to the group that on the March 6th, I celebrated  my 50th wedding anniversary and in a month's time I will turn 74 years old. When I look back, everything has happened so fast and the years seemed to move with speed of light or the blink of an eye lid.  Something worth pondering about is the elements of time and space.
                                                With regards,