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Re: The Y2K problem

** Reply to note from xywrite@xxxxxxxx Fri, 01 Dec 00 12:30:38 -0500

> OS/2 version 3 after fixpack 26 (I think) is supposed to be Y2k, and I
> think version 4 from the start, but I'm not certain.

No. OS/2 v4 GA was not entirely Y2K compliant. But it is after FP5 (FP9 is
current, and running nicely here). This is one primary reason that
there will be a v5 client, sometime next year.

Carl has done some tests, and determined that Xy4-DOS is basically Y2K compliant
(assuming BIOS and OS compliance), and that the one dinky problem (I forget what)
is readily XPL-workaround-able.

Why is anyone worried about this anyway? Seems silly to me. The OS does
the disk filing and date-stamping, not XyWrite. Just import a DOS directory
display, if Xy's isn't 100%...

Robert Holmgren