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Re: Query on mirroring for Paul Breeze et al.

My Adaptac card allows for swapping -- but also will wipe clean a disk that
is pulled and replaced within 15 minutes.

A word to the wise is hopefully sufficient.


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From: "Paul Breeze" 
Sent: Friday, July 02, 2004 7:14 AM
Subject: Re: Query on mirroring for Paul Breeze et al.

> Dear Harry
> They raid systems I have tried have used PCI raid controller cards which
are installed into one of
> the PC PCI slots. You can connect up to four IDE drives of any type to
the card and you can
> arrange the drives in a variety of configurations, of which drive
mirroring is one. If you want to
> mirror, most manufacturers advise using identical drives for best
performance. I do not believe my
> Adaptec card allows hot swapping of the drives but I am not certain. This
may be possible in other
> systems. I have never come across a drive that came with disk mirroring
> Best wishes
> Paul
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