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Re: hard drive crashed;Xywrite help needed

In a message dated 10/15/98 3:57:33 AM Eastern Daylight Time, rrr@xxxxxxxx
Dear Rene and other Xywrite fans: my questions are the most basic: where in
the autoexec statement do I write a "path" statement, and how exactly do I
write one that includes my major programs including Xywrite, AOL, Windows,
Internet Explorer. I literally don't know how the wording should look: is it
"set path =" or "path = " or what? I'm looking for a sample autoexec.bat file
that someone with win 98 /or 95 has that includes a reference to their xywrite
program. Thanks, ArtL7
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 Art Levine:
 >now have doesn't have a path statement at all. Where and how would I insert
 >path statement in it that allows Xywrite to run fully? (Here's my current
 >autoexec.bat statement):
 >REM [Header]

 Well, where is your Xywrite? If it is a directory called c:\xy4, then
 that is what you want to include in the path line. Or am I missing

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