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Re: Lost Expanded Memory

** Reply to message from Paul Breeze  on Tue, 4 Nov
2003 19:06:40 GMT


I reali{s|z}e now that a frame to toggle Microlytics
dictionaries -- MICROSPL or MS for short -- already exists
in U2, and that a requirement to use XyShell (mentioned in
the MICROSPL Help frame) is no longer in effect (I changed
the frame last January). So: Here's how I have my system
set up, in the most general terms.

BTW, these M$ operating systems are like shifting sands in
the Sahara. Formerly, I couldn't swap dictionaries in the
same DOS session as XyWrite; now, under Win2K, I can. Beats me.
YMMV, I dunno...


Locate and *name* any/all of the following files:
 DNDICT.SPL  381,917  9-11-1989  NotaBene v3-v4 Deutsch
 ENDICT.SPL  210,260  10-30-1989  NotaBene v3-v4 Espana
 FNDICT.SPL  139,411  9-11-1989  NotaBene v3-v4 Francais
 INDICT.SPL  382,712  9-19-1989  NotaBene v3-v4 Italiano
 IXDICT.SPL  198,441  ??-??-19??  XyWrite v3 Italiano
 UKDICT.SPL  141,901  12-04-1990  U.K. English
 USDICT.SPL  110,464  2-04-1987  U.S. English
 ??DICT.SPL  Other Microlytics spellers you may own...
Assign the "??" filename prefix of all spellers *except* UK & US thus:
 First letter=language (D=Deutsch, E=Espana, F=Francais, I=Italiano, etc)
 Second letter=word processor distro (N=NotaBene, X=XyWrite)
  Example: _F_rench dictionary distributed with _X_y3=FXDICT.SPL

Use the following SETTINGS.DFL defaults:
 df om=31
 df zx=0 <==!unless! you are LOADing personal spellers etc, in which
       case use "df zx=1"

Open XYWWWEB.REG. Find this stanza:
Microlytics_Spellers_Path=D:\XY4 <==Adjust this! Location of SPLs
Inflexible_MS_Dic=        <==Leave empty unless you will *always*
                   use the UK dictionary -- in that case:

STARTUP.INT should have (among many other things of course)
the following *order of exection* -- it's the order that

... stuff ...
BX lp settings.dflQ2 ;*;
... other stuff
BX load xywwweb.u2Q2 ;*;
... other stuff
JM 2.GetXyOSQ2 ;*;
;*; OR, on machines with only one OpSys, simply assign:
... stuff
BX load personal.splQ2 ;*; LOAD any personal speller here
BX dos/nv/x/z /c copy usdict.spl dict.splQ2 BX waitQ2 ;*; Start with US
... more stuff
JM 2.microsplQ2 ;*; Toggle US to UK
;*; OR, if you assigned "UK" to the "Inflexible_MS_Dic" key in REG,
;*; then you don't need to specify a dictionary to use in S/G 50:
JM 2.microsplQ2 ;*; Toggle US to UK
... rest of stuff

N.B.: !!Do *not* "LOAD" any Microlytics dictionary in STARTUP.INT!!


With that, you should be ready to spell UK style, after quitting
and relaunching XyWrite. Try it, and let me know.

Robert Holmgren