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Re: New copy and paste functions

** Reply to message from Paul Breeze  on Wed, 5 Nov
2003 19:09:36 GMT

> Then when I tried to pase with clipwp, the message "Waiting
> for clip.txt" and a countdown appeared, followed by the message
> clip.txt does not exist.

> What have I done wrong?

Probably haven't got the right files in the right directories. Or messed up
the KBD assignments somehow. Go back and reinstall. Get the latest
CLIPW32.ZIP from XyWWWeb (dated 11/01/03). Follow the instructions in
CLIPWXY4.HLP (in ZIP subdir XY4). Did you register AutoItX3.dll with your
Operating System?

Whatever, CLIP.VBS didn't write out the text from the clipboard into CLIP.TXT.
There isn't any CLIP.TXT in Editor's directory. So debug it! First Copy some
text in XyWrite and see if it really Copied -- e.g. go into another program
like Notepad and see if you can Paste the text you just Copied. A DOS command
line will also work just fine: hit Alt-Spacebar, then E then P. Does it
Paste? Struggle. CLIP works -- believe me, it does.

Robert Holmgren