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Re: Nad XySearch query [was: Lost Expanded Memory]

** Reply to message from Paul Breeze  on Mon, 3 Nov
2003 18:14:57 GMT


> I tried searching the XY database but searching for "not enough
> memory" brings up too many hits and is rejected.

No it isn't. The word "not" has too many references, but the rest can be
searched. But your particular problem is that the word "not" is an operator in
queries, e.g.
 memory NOT enough
(find messages that contain the word "memory" but not the word "enough").

The proper formulation, if you wish to use "not" as a literal instead of an
operator, would be:
 "not" enough memory
or, to look for those words as an exact string:
  "not" "enough memory"

Robert Holmgren