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Re: Xy conflicts with NB

> At 08:00 PM 1/6/00 EST, TBaehr@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> >Harry -
> >I haven't gotten NB yet, so this is a shot in the dark:
> >Are NB and XY sharing a settings.dfl file?

"Yo Intl." wrote:

> Only if you point them to the same .dfl file in their start.int files,
> methinks. Otherwise, no.
> -- Rene von Rentzell, Tokyo 

Methinks the same.

Harry: you might try "capturing" LPT2 instead of LPT3. It is possible that
is where the conflict is.

1. Enter XyDos
2. From the command line:

  do capture l2 q=

The name of the network printer is that which is assigned to it by IS. I'm
not talking about the brand name of the printer here!

There are other parameters you can add to that command, but if you do you
might well want to shell to dos instead of doing it from the XyDos command
line. Typical configuration might be:

capture l2 q= nb nff ti=0

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