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Re: Linux

** Reply to note from Mike Shupp Tue, 09 Nov 1999 14:22:19 -0800

> Some equipment works with Linux right out 
> of the box-- most external modems, for example-- and some doesn't 
> work with Linux and probably never will because it was deliberately 
> aimed at the Windows market.  Most internal modems, for instance, 
> and most of those under-$100 printers.

Lucent has written a Linux driver for Winmodems.  There's a Lucent chip Winmodem
driver for OS/2 also (commissioned by IBM), although last time I tested it was
limited to 33.6Kbps throughput.  For Linux, follow the links at www.slashdot.org;
for OS/2, look in Hobbes for /pub/os2/system/drivers/modem/ltm_554.zip (it works
just fine -- Winmodems are garbage, but general users might not notice the speed
and CPU penalties vis-a-vis a "real" modem; and if you don't have a PC Card modem
for your notebook, the built-in Winmodem is a fallback option).

I think the suggestion that one needs to keep DOS around to run XyWrite
(instead of under Linux) is wrong.  XyWrite runs extremely well under DOSEMU.

Robert Holmgren