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Re: Decoding and Mozilla (was Re: Enter Key / Selection by cursor)

Robert Holmgren wrote:

Mozilla doesn't save each POP file to disk *individually*?? Wow. That's like
AOL (makes it very very difficult to access your POPs). Suppose you want to
change Email clients -- how do you move your old POPs to the new client? I
think it's precisely designed to do that -- inhibit a change of Email clients. Not what I would expect from Mozilla.

The mail files are editable without any problem. I can open them with
Metapad. The problem is the incredible size of the files for XyWrite. I don't know if Mozilla Thunderbird uses the same policy. Maybe it's possible to modify this behavior but I don't know Mozilla up to such an extent.
Grrrr. So "EML" is text by another name? Too many programs try to do your
thinking for you these days. TXT should be raw, IMO -- no alterations

Do you like me to send you a test message in .EML and .TXT version?
I continue attempting to solve the problem of my keyboard. The offers I have received from Robert Tibbetts are really expensive. I have decided to send my keyboard to him (to get it serviced) as soon as I have a good replacement.

Best regards, Manuel Castelao
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