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Re: Questi9ons of the use of U2/WWWEB material

** Reply to note from xywrite@xxxxxxxx Tue, 9 Feb 1999 11:50:29 EST

> 4) I'm not sure, but I think that code in the U2 file takes up less active
> memory than code in the KBD file.

It depends on the size of U2 and of KBD. But every KBD assignment is stored
literally -- add 'em up. My KBD file is around 10,000 bytes of code. You can
readily calculate the burden on memory of Help files by finding the last position
in the file, and subtracting that from the total file size as reported by the OS.
The difference is the size of the Helpfile's index, which is compiled (on the fly,
at LOAD time) at the end of these files (after the Ascii-26 EOF character)
(inspect the file with a LIST-type viewer at OS level, to see what the Index looks

Here are some memory demands on my system:

XY4.HLP (factory issue) (2341629-2285001)=56,628 bytes of Index
XY4.DLG (slightly modified (770065-749385)=20,680 bytes of Index
XYWWWEB.U2 Version 32 (929728-917205)=   12,522 bytes of Index

This is incredibly economical. ONE lousy program, loaded on an @0-@9, @A-@Z
LDPM-type key, can easily consume more memory than the whole of XYWWWEB.U2, which
contains HUNDREDS of routines. Want a snappy system? Use U2.

Robert Holmgren