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Re: Questi9ons of the use of U2/WWWEB material

Response to Tim Bahr on this subject:
A GREAT THANKS for the info. Now the 2 makes
sense. I'm using the XYQUEST Customization Guide
dtd 1993 by TTG for my studies. Does the number
also apple to MN and DLG, etc files?
 Also, since there is no actual code in the KBD
file, the only space is thw RUN command, is there
any difference (in memory or execution) etween
having the code as a separate stand-alone file or
integrated into a U2 file except, obviously the
difference in what is in the KBD file (a RUN
command vs. a JUMP command.
 Again thanks for the response.
Dick Giering

TBaehr@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> Here are a few answers, keyed to the numbered questions:
> 2) The numeral 2 in a frame name is a reference to the U2 file; if it were a
> U3 file, you'd need a 3 in the frame name.
> 3) The extra characters like "m(DK)W" were internal development tags. The
> example probably meant (m)ini-menus, (D)oug (K)ramer, (W)indows version. Doug
> was the head menus guy and a good man to work with. All of these tags could be
> deleted with impunity; we should have done so prior to shipping, but many
> bigger things fell thru the cracks....
> 4) I'm not sure, but I think that code in the U2 file takes up less active
> memory than code in the KBD file.
> Tim Baehr