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Re: Hard drives and Buying memory

I'm not the original recommender but...
Tiger Direct is a pretty good source for memory, but if you would like to look elsewhere, try:
Rocky Mountain Ram (manufacturer & retail sales)
5600 Airport Blvd., Suite B
Boulder, CO  8030
800-543-0932       Fax: 303-415-8255
Ask for Eric in Sales
or try:
Computer Geeks Discount Outlet:
1890 Ord Way
Oceanside, CA 92056
Sales, Customer Service, General Inquires:
Monday - Thursday    9 am - 5 pm Pacific Time
Friday  9 am - 4:30 pm
Closed weekends and holidays
Tiger and Computer Geeks are also good sources for hard drives, as well.
Richard Henderson

Somebody on this list recommended a reliable place that sells hard drives
at reasonable prices.

I thought I filed the information away where where I could find it again,
but I can't.

Can that somebody -- or anyone -- give me the name again?

Somebody also recommended a similar place to buy memory. As long as I'm
asking, I might as well ask for that place too. I was going to a couple of
PNY 128MB PC133 SDRAM 16x14 168-pin DIMMs from TigerDirect.com for $10
(after the rebate), but maybe somebody has a better idea.

I've decided it's easier to buy from a reliable store at a fair, reasonable
price than to play games with CompUSA and have to send out a fistful of
rebate forms, which, according to today's Wall Street Journal, can take
more than an hour apiece to fill out, and take months to finally get your
rebate back -- and sometimes (in 1 out of their 5 attempts) you never get
your rebate.

(upgrading for Christmas)

Norman Bauman
411 W. 54 St. Apt. 2D
New York, NY 10019
(212) 977-3223
Alternate address: nbauman@xxxxxxxx