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Re: AW: Xy on Mac revisited

Thanks to all. I will attempt to boot and install DOS in about a week.


--- "Patricia M. Godfrey"  wrote:

> Harry Binswanger wrote:
> >
> >> In any case, the allbootdisks site looks interesting as a source
> of
> >> downloads for everything from early DOS versions (4.x) through XP,
> and
> >> thus potentially useful for folks on this list even if they have
> no
> >> Mac desires, though perhaps other such sources are already known.
> >
> > Thank you, Philip. Site looks valuable.
> >
> Haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but recall that Caldera DOS
> (free or at least widely available; Western Digital uses it to boot
> their diagnostic and partitioning tool floppies) is the lineal
> descendant of Novell DOS 7, which was what TTG ran Xy on, so was
> presumably the best platform.
> --
> Patricia M. Godfrey
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