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Re: Accents (in U2)

Michael, do you already have another printer driver loaded when you load
accents.prn? (I generally work without one, since I do most of my
printing in XyWin). Because I don't have any error message when I load
it, but then there's no other driver loaded. I notice in Tyson's book (p.
220) a statement that one should use LOAD +printer.prn if one wants to
"add information to an existing printer file without overwriting the one
already in memory." Now maybe that was only for III, but it might be
worth trying.
	Nor did I get that error message on trying to type an accent. The
requested accented letter appeared all right, but on the command line. So
I opened my keyboard file and the Accents help file, and copied and
pasted the accent definitions to keys that I thought I could remember. I
don't know if this would help anyone else, but I put acute on CTRL '
((#40), grave on CTRL `(#41), and Circumflex on CTRL ^(#7); I'm working
on finding suitable locations for the others, but so far these are
working splendidly. (I reassigned smart open and close quotes to CTRL
(single quotes) and Shift+CTRL (double) [, #26, and ], #27 and en and em
dashes I've had as macros on F2 N and F2 M for years.) So I shall soon
have the capabilities of one of the few things I've needed Windows for on
good old Xy. Thanks, Robert. Much needed and much appreciated.