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Re: v3-4 gotcha & y3=1

** Reply to note from m  01/23/96 8:42pm -0500


> And another thing: If you looked at your read.me file when you
> did the 4 install, you might have thought it would be cool to set y3=1,
> which blows away those DIs, LIs, etc. after the numbers in margins, line
> spacing, etc. etc. Don't! It's very buggy.
> Best to prepare an settings.alt DFL file and load it when you want to do
> these things.
> --Leslie--

Hi Leslie,

Could you tell us what bugs appear when you use y3=1? That was the first
thing I set when I got Xy4. I've found bugs, but I never thought to
associate the two.

John G.

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