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Re: v3-4 gotcha & y3=1

On 23-JAN-1996 22:04:44.1 xywrite said to LESLIE319
  >** Reply to note from m  01/23/96 8:42pm -0500
  >> And another thing: If you looked at your read.me file when you
  >> did the 4 install, you might have thought it would be cool to set
  >y3=1, > which blows away those DIs, LIs, etc. after the numbers in
  >margins, line > spacing, etc. etc. Don't! It's very buggy.
  >> Best to prepare an settings.alt DFL file and load it when you want
  >to do > these things.
  >> --Leslie--
  >Hi Leslie,
  >Could you tell us what bugs appear when you use y3=1? That was the first
  >thing I set when I got Xy4. I've found bugs, but I never thought to
  >associate the two.

  John G.,

  Frankly, my friend, I haven't even _begun_ to figure out all of them.
For starters: Such characters as ASCII 208-214, vital for conversions to
Quark Express for the Mac, simply disappear if y3=0. You put them in and
save the file and all seems well, but call it up again and they're simply
  In addition, files can be suddenly truncated for no reason at all. IO
think it cuts them off after the first appearance of, say, an ASCII 3-6
(which I use as temporary replacements in many of my XPL routines).
  I discovered this only by accident, and figured out the cause only by
backtracking and figuring out what I had changed since this problem started
to crop up.
  I think the Windows version is OK--4.12 at least.
  I have reported the bug to Tech Group who promises a fix, but that was
before the holidays and I have been lax at following up on this, so if
anybody in Baltimore is reading this . . .

--Leslie Bialler--
Columbia University Press

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