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** Reply to message from Michael Norman  on Mon, 27 Dec
2004 21:25:33 -0500

> My main XY directory is C:\XY. When I have a DIR list of that directory on
> screen and position the cursor on the second line in the DIR list [. .
>    9-17-98 11:18am] -- to CALLUP up a DIR list of C:\ (in effect,
> to change directories) I get a *Path not found* message. In other words, I
> can't go up a directory level.

Aw, come on. We've been over and over this, as recently as last week.
See particularly:
Or do a XySearch for "archive bit". Use DArchBit.CMD. If that _isn't_ the
problem, then talk to Carl. He da CALLUP man. (See how gracefully I toggle
into Ebonics? Lovely lovely language. Fun too!)

One other thing I forgot to mention: I don't say, or think, that Tame is
perfect. But we have a real strong history here of denouncing in a Page One
headline, and then subsequently publishing a retraction (or merely an implicit
retraction, which requires that you have read carefully and followed the whole
thread) on page 27. A LOT of things have suffered, been denounced, and been
branded in the minds of our thousands of more casual attendees as "not worth
the potential trouble". In the case of Tame, I think for XP users who run in a
Desktop window, and for many others too, Tame is well worth the trouble, and
the expense (US$19).

Robert Holmgren