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Re: Lost Expanded Memory

** Reply to message from "Chris Madsen"  on Tue, 4
Nov 2003 14:35:27 -0500


> If all you want is to use the UK dictionary instead of
> the US dictionary, you have to first make sure the UK
> dictionary is not corrupted, by looking at the file size.
> If it is ridiculously small, then it is corrupted.
> Replace it with a fresh copy.

But we know, from the very message you quote ("The
procedure worked exactly as you said it would"), that this
is not pertinent: Paul's U.K. DICT.SPL works just fine,
when/if he can get U.K. DICT.SPL installed. Obviously, he
has already tried naming the U.K. speller as DICT.SPL before
launching Xywrite -- his *starting point* is that this
approach doesn't work.

> If you want to switch back and forth, you should be able
> to write a little program that unloads the currently
> loaded DICT.SPL (whichever one it is) and renames the
> desired file.

That's another approach that doesn't work, and never has.
You *cannot* change DICT.SPL within the current DOS session
once it is loaded -- XyWrite simply won't permit it (the COPY
occurs, but when you try to use the replaced DICT.SPL, you
get error #18: "There is not enough memory to perform
function."). You can only use a backdoor: open *another*
DOS session, in a different memory space, and replace the
current DICT.SPL with a new one. Look, I have all the
compatible Microlytics spellers (and many more incompatible
Microlytics spellers), and I've tested this extensively.
If you want to do "live" toggles of dictionaries (U.S. -
U.K. - Deutsch - Italiano - Espanol - Francais) during a
single XyWrite session, you *must* load the U.S. dictionary
first, and then you have to perform the swap "clandestinely"
via a different DOS session. That's simply the way it is.
But it's eminently do-able. In WinNT (=NT, 2K, XP), you
can just use the START command *from XyWrite* to launch a
different DOS session:

 dos/nv/x/z start %COMSPEC% /c copy d:\path\UKDICT.SPL d:\path\DICT.SPL

What's going on here is that XyWrite seems to need to
reserve a space for DICT.SPL, using the U.S. speller as
default, and then the user can sneak a different dictionary
into that space. For reasons unknown to me, this approach
works even though the U.S. dictionary is only 110K, and the
German dictionary for example is 381K.

Robert Holmgren