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>I never heard of putting NI on an ordinary lower-case CU key 72 !  Don't think
>you need that at all. 
    I didn't need it. It did nothing.  Here's how I happened to put it in my 
home computer's keyboard file.  When I bought a Toshiba laptop 18  months ago I
found that the cursor keys wouldn't work in Xywrite.  Xyquest technical support
and folks in one  of the Xywrite conferences told me to try putting NI before 
CU, CD etc.  It didn't work, eventually I found a solution, but I never 
bothered to take the NIs out.  Since Xyquest recommends using NI before cursor 
commands when one is having trouble getting cursor keys to work, there may be a
fair number of people out there who need the fix.  I didn't need the workaround
in stack.pm, I needed to recall that I had NI before my cursor commands, that 
it was superfluous and that it could make trouble.
>Yes, Hints are case-sensitive.  It's a feature.
    I guess one man's feature is another man's pain in the neck.  Or is there a
method to your madness?  Do you use caps for some commands and lower-case 
letters for others so that the hint function can distinguish between commands 
that might have the same letters?