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 I am an avid and grateful user of stack.pm on my office computer. I've just
installed it on my home computer and to my consternation, nothing happens when
I hit F5 and then the cursor-up key.
 I've put the required modifications into my keyboard file, and entered the
paths into stack.int, as recommended. Stack.int is in my startup.int, and seems
to be loading stack.pm. I've made sure that the choice of CU and CD versus LU
and LD corresponds to my keyboard file.
 No doubt I've skipped some elementary step or messed up on a simple
instruction. Can you suggest what mistakes novices make most often?
 Many thanks for any help you can give, and for creating this useful and
ingenious program. By the way, how come there's no such thing as a command
stacker for DOS? It would be useful there, too, wouldn't it?