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	David Auerbach's frustration with XYW has to be expected. I too run
OS/2, with XYDos running in a VDM. I keep it because (1) I don't want
all the aggro of changing after using XYW since 1984, (2) it still is fast
and reliable; but (1) anything more complex than a normal professional paper
takes piles of time using the documentation (which is poorly indexed and is
verbose), (2) it's a pain having to deal with inadequate import/export
filters, and (3) there is a whole lot of change in the wp market which makes
wp's considerably easier to use with more features.
	I just got Describe Voyager CD for $35 including documentation because
I have given up on TTG. David Auerbach's experience only confirms the worst.
.... sadly...
	I hate windoze; why don't the wp gods support a good program like
xyw and then expand on it, keeping it (and their reputations) up to date?