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>	I just got Describe Voyager CD for $35 including documentation because
>I have given up on TTG. David Auerbach's experience only confirms the worst.
>.... sadly...
>	I hate windoze; why don't the wp gods support a good program like
>xyw and then expand on it, keeping it (and their reputations) up to date?
  I agree -- it's truly depressing to watch what was once the
state-of-the-art word processor lag further and further behind. I suggest
you take a look at Starwriter -- there is a new English demo on Compuserve
(which I wish I could get my hands on -- I have the older demo with all the
help files in German) but it certainly looks and feels quite nice. Impressed
me alot more than either Describe 4 or Clearlook. I should try Describe 5, I
guess, but Starwriter looks like it is able to use different keyboard files
(again, I can't be sure, since I don't have any English docs, but the menu
choice is there, to load other keyboards) and it loads ansi files from XY
okay. No filter to convert them directly, but they do convert everything
else, it seems.
  Too bad TTG couldn't form a consortium with StarDivision to combine XY
and Starwriter as a super OS/2 word processor.

Harmon Seaver

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