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Re: Hallucination or possibility? OSE.PM (Open_file SEarch) attached...

** Reply to note from Wolfgang Bechstein  on Thu,
01 Feb 2001 10:47:06 +0900

> As it is now, OSE will not find a match if the search string is
> located _before_ the current cursor position in the file in another
> window.

Nonsense! That's what the /T switch is for. You know, sea/t...
"search from 'T'op of File"? You are constructing a standard SEarch
$tring, adding only the leading "O" character (well, also optionally
enhanced by the extra features of this SEarch command).

> (Ideally, the cursor position in each file would
> be returned to the original point after the search, but that may be a
> bit much to ask.)

That's what the /T switch does (if it doesn't find a match)...

> As for the behavior when it finds a match, it would be great to have
> something similar to the options one gets when searching across all
> files in a directory: stop here, continue searching in this file,
> jump to next file. When no match is found, returning to Go (as it is
> now) is fine.

You're saying, if *you* reject all the matches (if any), you want it
to return to starting CurPos?

> Whenever you get the time...

The time is now. OK, we'll dump the /T switch (with some regret --
however, I take your point), and everything you asked for is
implemented (it's a good idea). You can still use the other switches,
like /F and /W. Try this out -- attached -- swap this frame for the
first one. Spacebar and "C" both Continue searching; "N"ext goes to
next file; "S"top halts at current hit; "A"bort returns to original
position in original file. Original positions maintained in all
files, except at a "S"top point (if any). I'll accept a yen
denominated cheque.

Robert Holmgren

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