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Re: Hallucination or possibility? OSE.PM (Open_file SEarch) attached...

Robert Holmgren  wrote:

> Lemme know whether this fits, or if you prefer different behavior.

Thanks much for the quick work! Really appreciated. The program is
already quite close to what I had in mind.

A few points:

As it is now, OSE will not find a match if the search string is
located _before_ the current cursor position in the file in another
window. I would like it to start searching at the beginning of each
of the open files. (Ideally, the cursor position in each file would
be returned to the original point after the search, but that may be a
bit much to ask.)

As for the behavior when it finds a match, it would be great to have
something similar to the options one gets when searching across all
files in a directory: stop here, continue searching in this file,
jump to next file. When no match is found, returning to Go (as it is
now) is fine.

Whenever you get the time...

Wolfgang Bechstein