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Re: Hallucination or possibility?

AMEN!!! I hope Anne Putnam reads this as I sure would like to convert
fully to NB, but ...

Nathan Sivin wrote:

> Thanks for the clarifications about XYShell from Robert H.
> Yes, the NB people have been talking about all sorts of things,
> but when I try to elicit a statement of intent that transcends
> the vapor variety, it all becomes extremely vague.
> Furthermore, in my correspondence with Anne Putnam on this issue,
> no one seems to be aware that Windows from 98 on supports
> Unicode, which makes all the proprietary kludges for Chinese and
> Japanese input obsolete unless (like, say, TwinBridge) they
> support it too. For some time I have been creating files that
> contain real Unicode Chinese, using TB and Word. I still don't
> care for the latter, but thanks to a number of macros and key
> reassignments, it will now do a fair number of things in a
> reasonable way (that is, more or less identical with XY). Anyone
> running Win98+ can *read* the Chinese in such files without
> needing TwinBridge or anything else, because of the Win Unicode
> support.
> People using Win2K don't even need a Chinese input program; the
> OS includes Unicode input, and includes one full Unicode font
> that includes every language. My point is that the programming
> problem for Win98 is Unicode support and font, not
> Chinese-Japanese.
> NB, to sum up, is of no use to me until it catches up with the
> modern world. Too bad, because any number of people who use >1
> language under Win98 would jump at the chance to buy the program.
> *No* other Win98 word processor can do the job without separate
> input programs.
> Cheers,
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