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Re: Hallucination or possibility? OSE.PM (Open_file SEarch) attached...

** Reply to note from Wolfgang Bechstein  on Thu,
01 Feb 2001 00:12:50 +0900

> may I hark back to a suggestion
> I made (humbly, of course)

uh huh

> sometime last year (I think just before
> you went into computer detox last summer): I very much would like the
> capability to search for a string *only* through all the files that
> are currently open, i.e. a routine that searches first the file in
> the current window, and then offers the option to also search through
> any other files that are currently open in other windows. Could you
> or Carl possibly be interested in something like this?

Hmmm. I think you're gonna find the behavior a tad strange. I mean,
it finds a hit -- and then what? Keep executing for more hits? I
guess so. OK, here's something I like, which uses the alternate SE*
routine in U2, which in turn has extended wildcards (indispensable to
me, anyway -- an "&" wildcard which requires the presence of all
strings connected by the & wildcard, and a "\" or NOT wildcard, which
rejects a match if it finds this string in the file -- you can use
them altogether in one search $tring -- command "help se*"
for complete info, this thing is near Boolean in power).

Put this frame in U2, then command "LOADHELP". Construct
ordinary SEarch strings
 OSE[B][A][\switches] {separator}search_$tring{separator}
that sort of thing, but place the letter "o" in front of it, i.e.
"ose..." instead of "se...". "O" for "Open_files". Then
hit your
. If it finds a match, it stops. If not, you return to Go
(speaking of Japan) and lose all your hard currency.

I'll put this in the next U2. I've coded it so that you can run
searches off the CMline (typical usage), but also run it as a
subroutine from another program, by putting the search $tring in S/G
50, and then commanding "JM 2.osea/fQ2 " or whatever. Works!

Lemme know whether this fits, or if you prefer different behavior.

Robert Holmgren

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