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Related to the question of viruses, what kind of backups do people use?

I personally use a Colorado T3000 Travan-3 drive, which is 1.6 GB native,
3.2 GB compressed. I back up every week, on an A and B tape, one for odd
and one for even weeks.

I want to upgrade my hard drive, so I tried to buy a new drive to match it,
but HP doesn't make Travan tape drives any more. They make DAT drives
instead. But the DATs are about $900 (sell the backup, give away the hard
drive). HP has left the market to Seagate, which makes a 20GB Travan for
about $325. So I think that's what I'll get.

The salesmen in the computer stores tell me that I should "just back up my
data files," but in Windows, I don't know what to back up or where the
files are. So I like to make a full backup of my entire hard drive.

I could back up onto writeable CDs, but it would take a lot of CDs to back
up a 20 GB hard drive. (I told the salesman it would be like backing up my
old 40 MB hard drive with floppy disks, but he didn't know what I was
talking about.)


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