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IBMWorks Chart and XyWrite 4.0

I asked some time ago how I might use IBMWorks Chart that comes
OS/2 Warp to produce charts I can import into XyWrite 4.0. I
finally figured out how to do this.

The problem is, the output of Chart is a proprietary format that XyWrite
4.0 doesn't recognize. But you can use FaxWorks Pro as the
bridge. First create a chart and then print it to the fax
printer from Chart. Then you can open up FaxWorks Pro, export
the chart into PCX, and import it into XyWrite. It works quite
smoothly, although I'm beginning to conclude that I could use a
more professional caliber program than
IBMWorks Chart. But this method is quite adequate for simple

BTW, FaxWorks Pro is great since it lets me fax directly from
XyWrite using HP's PCL5 codes.

Dan Kanagy     Work: wordwise@xxxxxxxx    Play:
Tokyo, Japan