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Re: Frivolous Side Note


Made my day (a day spent, so far, trying to understand how
to get my USB printer to accept dos files. Does this qualify
me for a bonehead award?)

I bookmarked it.


Judith Davidsen

Brian.Henderson@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> I looked through my usergroup archive but couldn't find the message in which
> somebody put a link to the "Stupidity" book. I wanted to tell that person
> that I sent the reference to a guy (Jerry Lerman) who puts out a newsletter
> called "The Bonehead Awards". The newsletter collects stories about stupid
> behavior (the stories mostly involve criminal acts). He liked it and put a
> reference to it in his newsletter. Just thought I'd pass that along.
> Newsletter Site: http://bonehead.oddballs.com/
> (I know this is the correct eddress...but as of a moment ago it wasn't
> working)
> PS...I realize my taste in humor is low. Pointing that out will only
> encourage me.
> Brian Henderson
> Print Composition Dept.
> Mitchell Repair Information Co.
> San Diego, CA
> brian.henderson@xxxxxxxx
> (858) 391-5000 - x.6533