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Re: Guest Additions!

At 04/08/2014 00:38, you wrote:
I take your point about multiple monitors. It's true that XyWrite
displays nicely on a monitor with a 4:3 aspect ratio (like my Sony).
Too bad they're getting ever harder to find. I'll give serious
thought to acquiring a refurbished one.

I am finally coming to understand how very much easier it is on the eyes, and how more salubrious to the brain, to have a black screen and white type. What I'm finding works for me on the widescreen is this:

VMware/W2K/Xy4, Windowed mode, filling the entire height of the screen. I tell VMware to use full screen mode, and I set the screen background to black. The result is very satisfactory and non-distracting, even though the right hand 1/3 of the screen is just a useless blank. But the key thing is this: it's black, rather than white. So it's non-distracting to the brain and non-irritating to the eye.

It's taken me a long time really to grasp what the full-screen adherents always knew.