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Re: Splasssh SScreen Missspelling


Thiss iss ssheer mysstery. What are you talking about? Can you attach a
screen capture?

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31.12.2016, 6:26, Jon P (Redacted sender xywrite4 for DMARC) wrote:
It's a small thing but the splash screen at signoff in v. 308, just installed, refers to non-bussiness usage in large type. I hadn't updated in a while, so I don't know when that slipped in. It's jarring to someone who was once a copy editor and proofreader. Makes me think of public transit instead of business. Could it be fixed in a later version? Also, I don't know if this is possible. But after commanding "quit," I have to mouse the cursor over to click on the splash screen to close the program. As long as it's popping up and seizing the window anyway, could it just move the cursor to the appropriate spot to click or hit Enter? Thanks and a happy new XYear to all. Jon Pareles