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RE: Anyone else needing this U2 updater?


What am I missing? What you recommend is the yang of my yin. You
say merge XyWWWEB.U2 into what a file of my frames. What I have is
a merge of my frames into XyWWEB.U2. So the only difference is the
filename used for the merged files, no? And I agree that it's an
improvement to give the merged file a separate name. So, for
optimal clarity, there should be three file names: 1. XyWWWEB.U2
for, uh, that pristine file. 2. MyFrames.U2 for the user's own
frames (or his mods of XyWWWEB.U2 frames), and 3. MERGED.U2 (or
something similar).

The routine looks complicated, but I think that's due to my being
super-careful, checking everything, breaking down everything to
baby steps--because of something goes wrong here, and your U2 is
messed up, things get ugly. But overall, my frame simply: copies
the new XyWWWEB.U2 to NEW.U2, gets the user's personal frames out
of the old U2, and merges them into NEW.U2. So it doesn't mess
with XyWWWEB.U2 in the processing. At the end, when all the error
checking is done, it overwrites the old U2's file on disk.

So to make everything conform to best practices, wouldn't it be
sufficient to, at the end, do SA/nv MERGED.U2? That way XyWWWEB.U2
will never be touched at all.

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Yikes, that's very complicated, Harry! If you're adding your own
stuff to U2, I strongly recommend that you NOT call your U2 file
"XYWWWEB.U2". Name it something else -- say, HB.U2. Structure the
file this way:

;U2;; <== File ID at Top of File

Your U2 frames here [if you insist they come first]

MErge XYWWWEB.U2 here

Put more of your stuff *under* XYWWWEB.U2 if you like.
<== End of File

When you update U2, unzip the new XYWWWEB.U2 and other files into
the same directory as HB.U2. Then RUN UPDATEU2.PM (see below).
This program simply swaps the old XYWWWEB.U2 out of HB.U2 (or
whatever you decide to call it) and swaps in the new.

Note: Don't attempt to recast UPDATEU2.PM as a U2 frame. It won't
work, due to feedback loops.

b-gin [UNTITLED]
;*; UPDATEU2.PM {091}CLD rev.12/31/16{093}[cr|lf];*; Usage:[cr|lf]
;*; RUN UPDATEU2.PM[cr|lf];*; [cr|lf];*;
Assumptions:[cr|lf] ;*; Loaded (old) U2 is named something *other
than* XYWWWEB.U2 [cr|lf];*; New XYWWWEB.U2 is in same directory as
old U2[cr|lf] ;*;[cr|lf];*; Do NOT attempt to recast this program
as a U2 fr ame![cr|lf];*;[cr|lf][BX_]es
1[Q2_]{<}SX50,{<}VA$U2{>}{>}[BX_] exist
 ";U2[wW]XyWWWeb.U2 release"[Q2_]{<}IF@not({<}ER{>}){>};*;[cr|lf]
[YD_][DF_][BX_]se "{091}End_of_File XyWWWeb.U2{093}[wC]"[Q2_]{<}
me {<}PV02{>}\XYWWWEB.U2[Q2_][BX_]wait[Q2_][JM_]2.ReJuMP[Q2_][BC_]
loadhelp[GT_];*;[cr|lf]{<}PR loads the updated U2 fil
e{>}{<}EX{>}{<}EI{>}{<}EI{>};*;[cr|lf][YD_]{<}PRUnexpected err
or{>}{<}EX{>}{<}EI{>}{<}PRNo loaded U2{>}{<}EX{>}[cr|lf][cr|lf]

Carl Distefano