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Re: Laptop display with XP Pro

Ken Pole wrote:

> I have used the various iterations of Xywrite for more than two
> decades (urk!) and continue to swear by it as the word-processor of
> choice, preferable even to the Windows variant. (I also have the
> latest iterations of WordPerfect and MSWord.) However, I have a
> problem getting the DOS-based Xywrite to display as a full screen on
> my Toshiba Satellite Pro 4080, a PIII running XP Pro. A more
> knowledgeable friend, who is an equally dedicated Xywrite fan,
> suggests that the problem might lie in the graphics chip.
> I can't tell you that this possibility can be ruled out, but other
> factors are more likely involved. If you look back through the List
> message archives, particularly from the last 1.5 years, you will
> find this topic has been much discussed -- various tips,
> explanations, ideas, and things worth looking into. It's by no
> means a full substitute for that history of topic threads, but I did
> at one point assemble all the display-related messages I had
> bothered to save into a text file, for later reference. That file
> has needed updating for some time now. Whenever that happens, I
> should be able to make it available.
> Jordan