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Re: Touchpad!

The only one I've tried was on a Mac Powerbook, and I immediately liked it.
Pen tablets are much better for exactness, and ability to do
other things, like drawing, handwriting recognition, gestures,
the Graffiti shorthand stuff, etc, but have the same extremely
easy hand/eye intuitive feel -- both technologies are just miles
ahead of mice, trackballs, etc. The attraction of the touchpad
over the pen tablet, of course, is (1) no pen to have to pick up,
lose, or break, and (2) size, and (3) cost. I'm planning to get one
ASAP (meaning when I find a decent deal on one), and am seriously
thinking of getting one to go with the Compaq Portable I'm giving
to my 4 year old grandson for Xmas. I think for a kid it would be
much better -- although I'm wondering about sticky fingers, etc.
But then, sticky fingers do in mice pretty quickly too. And a
touchpad could be cleaned much easier by his mother.
  BTW, there was a discussion about this recently on one of the
-- I can't recall off-hand which, but I'll try to find it and
pass it along if it's still around. There were several people
discussing the merits of
Alps vs Cirque.

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