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Re: 0ff-Topic: Ink-Stained Wretch

OK, found on Google, on a site called "Cool Quotes."

And, like every other ink-stained wretch, he could never be certain of future income.
                                 William Manchester, on writing

And now I really should get back to work.


>>> michael.norman@xxxxxxxx 07/09/02 10:34AM >>>
Irene Silverman wrote:
>Apologies for an off-topic question. My newspaper needs to know:
>Where did the phrase "ink-stained wretch" originate?
>Google has been no help.
>Thank you all.

Sounds Menckenesque to me. And it's not in his A NEW DICTIONARY OF
QUOTATIONS, his version of Bartlett's, which makes me think he might have
coined it.