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XyWWWeb.U2 version 118 released (6 November 2005)

    Release of XyWWWeb.U2 Version 118 (6 November 2005)
XyWWWeb.U2 v118 is released today:

Please scan README.1ST first -- there is important new
information. There is also a jumbo utility file, containing
all the most important external EXEcutables and DLLs utilized
by U2; download this file, and follow the instructions in
README.1ST -- you'll be all set. This is IMPORTANT! Grab
these external files, accessible via README.1ST. Do it!

Following is a barebones list, with rather haphazard notations,
of New, Revised, and Removed Frames in U2 v118. To enlarge upon
each of these facilities, consult
 Help framename
as well as the frames themselves in U2. Feel free to ask
questions here.

Some across-the-board technical revisions to NotaBene and to
message handling  are not listed below. The improvement
of compatibility with NBWin is VERY dramatic: nearly everything
works now. NBWin, I'm sorry to say, is the future (if you want

There are a few new REGistry entries in v118. To update your
existing REG file, command:
  RegEdit "[d:\path\]XYWEB118.UPD" <==Quotation
   marks required!
You may wish to compare the REG template file contained in
XYWEB118.ZIP with your current active REG file, to see if
anything is missing. The YA* data are much changed.

New Frames:
@hex -- Convert decimal number to hexadecimal number [SG50
Aft26* -- Add secret comment after EOF char in current file,
  visible only in DOS using a utility that ignores EOF
AnsiFS -- Set FullScreen ANSI [1252] Font [ANSIfied XyWrite
VGARst -- Restore Normal [437|850] FullScreen Font [ANSIfied
  XyWrite users]
Base64* -- Fast! Base64 Encode|Decode for Win32
Capsync -- Restore CapsLock sync between OS and XyWrite (requires
  GoXy.EXE in DOS Path, http://users.datarealm.com/xywwweb/#XyUtl)
Capsync2 -- Restore CapsLock sync between OS and XyWrite
  (requires CAPSLOCK.EXE in Editor's dir,
  http://users.datarealm.com/xywwweb/CAPSLOCK.ZIP). See which one of
  these alternative versions of Capsync works for you. NOTE
  that CAPSLOCK.EXE can be called to simply toggle the Caps Lock
  programmatically ("DOS/NV CAPSLOCK.EXE")
Charconv -- Dec>Hex, Hex>Dec, or AlphaChar>Dec+Hex Character
Colors -- Amazing utility that uses a Color grid to set
  Foreground|Background color palettes in XyWin|NBWin
CU -- Reusable CountUp (work around bug in CU with SUbs)
Deldi -- Delete "Document Information" (appended after EOF
  char) permanently
Deltree -- Remove Directory and all files/subdirs (requires
  KMD.EXE, http://users.datarealm.com/xywwweb/#kmd)
Div* -- Integer division|modulo. S/G 50 In; Output:
  S/G50=quotient, S/G51=remainder; e.g., DIV[/]
DOS* -- DOS* /C command for Win32/OS2, Xy4/XyWin/NBWin;
  requires KMD.EXE and GoXy|GoNB.EXE
DOSShl -- A full-memory shell-to-DOS, in the current
  directory, for Win32|OS/2. Requires FSW.EXE
DTFs* -- "Delete These FileS" (with verification) (Xy4)
DUO* -- Launch, and Synchronize shared files in, two or more
  iterations of XyWrite. Requires GoXy or GoNB.EXE (in
  U2UTILS.EXE or, with extensive documentation, in Go.ZIP
Eb# -- EB0=Turn off WAit, MessageBox, ErrorBeep;
  EB1|PV47=Restore WA, MB, EB
Efn*,Efn#* -- Edit footnote in separate window
FgBg -- Calculate theoretical component Foreground (Fg) and
  Background (Bg) colors for any numeric MoDe value
GetDD* -- Get DeFine Display value: S/G50 In=MD value (cf.
  TABLE COLOR), S/G50 Out=≪ VADD≫ ;
  "GetDD/NV"=no PRompt
GetGD* -- Get GoXy|GoNB Data. S/G 50 In: GoKey[,GoKey,...];
  Out: GoDatum[{Ascii-19}GoDatum{Ascii-19}...]. "GetGD/"=no
GethWnd* -- Get the Windows hWnd (internal window number) of
  current session into S/G 50 (direct technique)
GetWinMode* -- Get the current window state: reports (and
  puts in S/G 50) "F"=FullScreen, "W"=Window. Calls frame
  GetGD. Result can be passed to GoXy.EXE
GoNB -- Return to XyWrite using GoNB.EXE
GoXy -- Return to XyWrite using GoXy.EXE (ditto)
HexDump -- Display hex dump of DF block or file. Requires
  HD.EXE (http://adunk.ozehosting.com/hexdump.html)
LoadNo -- Load a dummy Help file of any type
Metric* -- Convert MM CM MeTer KM/DI IN FT YD
  MI|LiTer/ON(fluid) PT QT GaL|GM KG/OZ LB ToN; "metric/"
  inserts value at cursor pos S/G50In/Out
NBRet -- Return to NBWin using ProcID
NBShell -- Setup NBShell to Return to NBWin using ProcID
  (execute "START CSCRIPT.EXE //nologo NBPID.VBS" to launch
  NB; run NBShell at Startup)
NumLock -- Toggle and/or Synchronize NumLock
  programmatically; requires GoXy.EXE
NumPad -- Use main keyboard keys as a NumPad (for Notebooks,
  cf. frame KeyPad)
OpWin -- Display/Select from Open Windows (dialog box)
Pct -- Percent addition and subtraction, e.g.: PCT
  100+25[%], PCT 58.354-32.5[%]; Output:
  50=input 51=result 52=delta 53=delta sign(+|-)
RevSort* -- Reverse Sort a DeFined block
Save26 -- Replacement SAve key. SAves with optional ZAP26
  (if "z" on CMline) to remove EOF char. File Manager
  files are saved to original long filenames. [UNTITLED]
  files are stored under a manufactured filename. DUO files
  open in different iterations of XyWrite are synchronized
  (made identical)
SavMacros -- Recapture precious, wasted memory! Get rid of
  that stupid LDSGT file. Create a single plain-text XPL
  file, ready for direct inclusion in U2, from all your
  personal @0-@9,@A-@Z ("ordinary Save/Get") Macros in
  memory. Sample KBD command: Instead of "nn=@A", use
Seps,Sepsc -- Count separators [SEPSC=CaseSeNsItIvE].
  In&Out:Source$=50,Sep$=51; Out:Separators=52
Shel[/D] -- Shell to & Focus on process(es), then return to
  Editor on termination. /D switch "D"etaches Editor from
  processes (no focus). E.g. "Shel
TestKeys -- Info about any pressed key combos (Try it!
  "TestKeys"). Top-level program that relies upon
  the following for the dirty work:
   ScanShifts -- Get ShiftKey Names+Values+BaseChar: On
     Entry =Available ShiftTable [GETSHIFTS]
     =ScanCode; On EXit =ShiftKey Names
     =ShiftKey Values =BaseChar
   GetShifts* -- Get current KBD file scan codes for
     shifting states; put ≪ PV601≫ on termination of
     parent frame; /PR issues PRompt
Typ -- Print file to ANY(!) printer with Ghostscript
TyWin -- Print current file|DeFined text (or optional
  specified file) to Windows "Default Printer" (requires
  RAWPRINT.EXE in Editor's dir,


UNC* -- UNC/command e.g. UNC/CA,DEL,DIR,RE,etc. At last!
  DIR listings for other LAN machines (Xy3 could do it, now
  Xy4 can too)
USave -- Unlimited SAve|Backup|Undo: Save current file with
  filename YYMMDDHH.MMx
WinFS -- Toggle between FullScreen and Desktop Window
WriteF* -- Create <64K file with DEBUG.EXE
WriteFX -- Create file with XPL
PreWriteF -- Prepare char-based source text for WRITEF
XDir* -- Remove all DIR displays and close all empty windows
XSE* -- XSE/[Element]# In&Out:Haystack$=50,Needle$=51;

$A -- Ersatz Autosave: automatically SAve the current file
  (cf. the native autosave function, which saves as
@LWR -- Lower Case function, revision for CodePage 1252
Add2??,Add2??/bf -- Add DeFined frame to active
  U2|DG|HL|MN|U1-U9 customization file [expanded from
  ADD2U2 to generic "ADD2" frame]
ArrayVA -- Improvements for NBWin
ArrayVAsm -- ditto
B64e* -- Base64 encoder (added option to encode CMline
Callup* -- Point & shoot CAll|REad|ChDir command (bug fix)
Ch*,Ci*,Cv*,Se* -- Fixes for NBWin
Chrontemp -- Generate a chonology template using specified
  start and end dates
ClipW* -- Win32 version of Clip is completely redesigned to
  handle CodePage conversions automatically. No more
  screwy characters when you Copy and Paste between Windows
  apps and XyWrite. For example, you can Copy a formatted
  XyWrite text, and then Paste it into your Windows mailer
  -- it will display (eXPanded of course) exactly as it
  appeared in XyWrite; if you received this Email and then
  Copied it from the Windows mailer and Pasted back into
  XyWrite, all formatting would be retained exactly. By
  default, all clips are converted to and from CodePage
  1252 (Windows ANSI), but this can be overridden with
  runtime CMline commands. See "Help Clipw" -- if
  you are using the EXE version of Clip, you MUST download
  and install (in Editor's dir) a fresh copy of CLIP.EXE
  for Xy4 (http://users.datarealm.com/xywwweb/CLIPW32.ZIP). If
  you run Win9x, you need to make SURE that the Microsoft
  Layer for Unicode, a.k.a. UNICOWS.DLL, is installed --
  it's a simple matter to install it


Clrw - Clear Windows (STore or ABort all open
CountChars* -- Count characters|bytes in DeFined block
Dchars -- Helper frame for Chars menu (Insert CodePage
  437|850|1252 characters)
DeclareSgt*,DeclSg*,ClearSgt*,RmvSg* -- Bugs fixed,
  simplified, dramatically faster. These are important
  helper programs for any XPL programmer. The capability of
  declaring characters to be *excluded* from processing has
  been removed; the range[s] to be processed must be stated
  to skip those characters.
Def,Def# -- Enhanced DeFine (text selection) function
  (alternate framenames DEF2 and DEF3 modify routine's
  behavior when text is already DeFined. DEF2 starts new DF
  block if cursor is outside of currently DeFined block;
  DEF3 starts new DF block if cursor is inside current
  DeFined block
Del26 -- Remove 1st Ascii-26 within a file (in order to read
  past it)
Del2Punc -- Delete from cursor to next punctuation mark
Dial -- Phone Dialer (dial number at cursor position)
Dumpem,DumpFN -- Dump contents of embedded deltas (FN|LB|NT
  etc.) to UNTITLED screen
EB# -- EB0=Turn off WAit, MessageBox, ErrorBeep;
  EB1|PV47=Restore WA, MB, EB
Ef -- Stop func EF from jumping around; restore exact
  screen! (funcs DO FF to enable use of this frame as a
File Manager (formerly "XyShell File Manager"): XyShell no
   longer required by Win32; MUCH faster, smoother. Try
   "dir2" in a directory with long filenames
FindFN,FindFN/*,FFN,FFN/* -- Find FootNote
Finito -- Finally got this to work with NBWin. Save the
  Stack, then Quit (for Stack users only)
FuncTable* -- Generate a table of all 3-byte functions
GetHTTP,ReadHTTP,GetFTP,ReadFTP,PutFTP -- Get|Read|Put file
  via HTTP|FTP
Go2 -- Full-memory Shell to d:\dir of current file|dir.
  Removed XyShell in Win32, which now requires KMD.EXE and
  FSW.EXE in DOS Path
GoDOS -- Now calls DOSShl in Win32, i.e. removed XyShell
  requirement. Start a FullMemory DOS session under OS/2 or
  Windows in the current window mode, FullScreen or
  Windowed (FullScreen only in OS/2). Requires FSW.EXE
HexDump -- Display hex dump of DF block or file
Hilite -- View S/G numbers in PMs in Reverse_video
Hlist -- Generate a directory of framenames from any Help
Holidays -- List U.S. holidays and their days/dates for any
  year 1776
HTMLtag,ht -- Embed HTML tags from the CMline (enhanced to
  incorporate DeFined text into tags, including ; see Help screen for details)
KeyPad -- Dramatically simplified, still works great
KeyStrokes -- XyBug workaround (doesn't crash on functions
  MS or NL)
MailTo,M2 -- Hacksaw Sendmail helper frame
NewFile* -- Open new file named with current date & time
NextMsg,PrevMsg -- Navigate to next|previous Hacksaw mail
Oed,OedDOS -- Entirely new Win32 version, for OED v1.1x
PostGhost -- New at xywwweb, and entirely revamped with
  _accurate_ WiDth tables and sensible font-naming, plus
  fixes for A4 paper and other refinements:
   POSTGHST.PRN (http://users.datarealm.com/xywwweb/POST47.ZIP)
PostWidth -- Entirely remodeled, for CodePages 850 and 1252
Relabel,relb -- Rename (alphabetize) XPL LaBel|GoLabel names
Remove -- Enhanced REMOVE command: Uninitializes Save/Gets
Reply -- Format e-mail reply for sending via Hacksaw
Rnd* -- Added RouNDing to [optional] specified number of
  decimals (default=integer rounding)
Runcode,RuncYD -- Fix for NBWin
Save26 -- revised to also synchronize DUO iterations of
  XyWrite, if they exist
SeqSe* -- Sequential SEarch (SEarch for A followed by B
  followed by C...)
SetTime -- Fixes for new cesium clock time servers
Setup -- Check and optionally Establish Suitable Xy|NB
  System Defaults. Fixes
SpclLst -- Get one Special "?xx" List S/G50 In|Out
Sw,Sww -- TaskSwitcher, entirely revised for Win32, and
  lightning fast
Test-Install* -- revised date format; embellished the
Tmpfile,tmpfile/nv -- Generate a unique 8.3 tempfile name
  (filename now has extension .TMF)
ToglTag,tt -- Toggle between HTML tags|XyWrite deltas
Twincaps -- Auto-correct TWo INitial CAPS typing error
  (added two ways to disable Twincaps on the fly)
V3,V1 -- Added identification of 1|3-byte character numbers
ViewURL*,vu*,URL* -- IEXPLORE.EXE (Internet Explorer) is now
  the default browser, *if* user doesn't indicate another
  (e.g. the superior FireFox) in REG. Now auto-returns to
  XyWrite when the browser is closed, with an exception for
  users who open new Tabs instead of new Windows in their
  browser. Requires KMD.EXE and GoXy|GoNB.EXE
XPoll* -- "EXit Poll" lists Save/Get contents after an XPL
  program runs
Xst* -- Manhattan cross street locator (bug fix)
Xy2PDF -- removed XyShell requirement in Win32
Zap26 -- Strip EOF char. Added "zap26 filename_to_zap"
ZIPView*,Zv* -- Fixes for UNC files. *The best* ZIPfile
  viewer in the world

ABS -- synonymous with the native @ABS command, whicih
  returns the ABSolute value of a number without regard to
  sign, e.g.  returns 7.24 in S/G 50

Robert Holmgren