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Re: XyWWWeb.U2 Version 114 Released -- Major Upgrade

Many thanks.

On the basis of a previous post, SV652 contained only W2K; I changed
that to XyOS=W2K. The results were the same. Yes NBSTART.INT runs
to completion. It has only two elements in it and checking with
VA/NV $U2 and VA/NV @652 are set.

Help and Index (followed by HelpKey [HK]) result in "NOTABENE caused
a General Protection Fault at module SWSYS.DLL at 004:0D8D".

Interestingly, Postage 4 (HK) gives the same result (though with a
bar rather than the DOS about sign) as XYDOS.

REGEDIT/C (HK) [on the same reg used for XYDOS] returns an se
@L and the message "Enter a character for the
XPL or function argument \n\*". The cursor is at the top of the reg
file. Nothing will be accepted save an ESC which then reports
"Function requires one number".

Cursor on, say Gender in reg with help on the command line and (HK)
returns "Fetching Gender" then "Gender not found" then forcing the
reg-file into page/line mode displaying the file with a lot of
jibberish characters. Switching to expanded mode, returns the
readable version of reg. Switching to graphics mode results in hour
glass, requiring a shut down of the NB task via Win2K task list.

I hope this is enough to start. But, though I haven't tried each
cmd, the ones I have seem to work just fine with XYDos and, I should
say, that just having v113 is gravy. Thanks again.


On Tue, 1 Oct 2002 22:55:37 -0400, Carl Distefano wrote:
>Bob: Can you be more specific about when and how it collapses? I
>assume you're setting  in NBSTART.INT, and that
>NBSTART.INT runs to completion. Then what? What precipitates the
>collapse? Does it happen when you try to run some U2 programs, but
>not others? Among the programs you use, which ones work and which
>don't? Are the programs that are crashing NB ones that extract data
>from Registry variables? For the ones that fail, how, exactly, do
>they fail? Are you issuing framenames from the CMline? Assigning
>framenames in the KBD file? Using particular arguments or command
>switches? The more blow-by-blow detail you can give us, the better
>our chances of solving these problems -- if indeed they can be