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Re: Running Xy on Mac or PC?

--- On Wed, 9/15/10, Harry Binswanger  wrote:

> Let me add that I am unimpressed with
> Mac hardware. E.g., the 13" Macbook Pro I bought (in Feb.)
> has one port that you can make either sound input or sound
> output, rather than having one for each. And the CDs often
> do not eject, and there's no little hole to manually eject
> them.
> Shortly after buying it, one of my ports wasn't
> working--motherboard had to be replaced (which involved a
> wait).
> Harry Binswanger
> hb@xxxxxxxxxxxx

And don't forget that they have this sweet proprietary thing
going, so they can just charge whatever the market will tolerate
for their gear -- and of course they do.