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RE: R: xy windows [again]

** Reply to note from xywrite@xxxxxxxx Wed, 16 Dec 1998 12:51:21 -0500

>> P. S. I think Kenneth Frank is incorrect, and that VAriable O1 has
>> nothing to do with JUstifying the right margin of the display. Unless
>> he is perhaps talking about Xy5 and not XyWin; not having seen Xy5, I
>> can't comment. But I fail to see how inter-character spacing is going
>> to affect the right margin; in XyWin and Xy4DOS, O1 merely alters

> I'm not incorrect-- 01=2 places characters where they will look good and
> makes no attempt to preserve line endings. The other 2 settings, 0 & 1
> maintain line endings so justification, if it is turned on, will work.
> Try it (you have to refresh the document after changing each setting)
> and you'll see.

> K.

Well, I tried it -- including "01=2", thinking maybe that was my
problem (it's "O1=2") -- but I didn't see it, until I surrendered the
control over microspacing that XyWrite PRN files offer. When I let
Windows' printer services take over (UWF=2), then, yes, you're correct:
you lose control over right JUstification WYSIWYG, and Truetypes look
marginally better than they usually do. In other words, O1=2 is
incompletely implemented, and applies only to Truetypes -- not soft fonts,
Speedos, cartridges, system fonts, Postscripts, or anything else, which
remain right JUstified despite O1=2. That's not a minor detail! Let's say,
you are 20-25% correct.

Robert Holmgren