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RE: your subject headers and spam/Xywrite: zc=Zero Capitalizatio n

> The "To" header isn't enough because I don't see that until I open the
> e-mail.
> If I don't recognize the sender, I simply delete e-mail without opening it.
> Jim Eberle

I just checked the listproc site manager's manual (which documents the
commands available exclusively to the U.Penn. SysOp), and it doesn't refer to
any provision for modifying the Subject: header of outgoing messages, nor does
the list owner's manual; only the To: header can be customized. So the notion
of an automated Subject: tag is a non-starter.

Anything short of an automated solution isn't practical. No one will remember
to do it consistently, all of the time -- assuming that anyone is willing to
do it at all. If it's not 100% reliable, it's not worth the trouble.

In short, set a To: filter, or add "xywrite@" to your list of safe addresses.

Carl Distefano